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Kristin & Jeff

I often say that God leads me to the right people at the right times, and like when I met my husband, Jeff, meeting Darren when I was looking for the best photographer to cover Jeff's and my wedding was no exception. Words cannot express how much I admire Darren, his photography skills and his dedication to his work and clients. Darren captured every moment and every emotion that Jeff and I (and our family and friends) experienced on our Wedding Day, and he exceeded my expectations in every way possible. I am a perfectionist who is very particular and pays close attention to detail so exceeding my expectations is no simple task. Darren greeted every challenge of shooting from four different venues, a start time of 10:00 a.m. and finish time of 11:00 p.m., outdoor temperature of 90+ degrees, very little, if any, time to eat or take a break and taking pictures not only of Jeff and me, but of our parents, family and friends all with a smile on his face. Jeff's and my wedding pictures are the most beautiful Wedding pictures I have ever seen and according to comments from family and friends they are also the most beautiful wedding pictures they have ever seen. I look at Jeff's and my Wedding pictures almost every night and it never fails that I close the album with a smile on my face. Several of my friends paid thousands of dollars more for their Wedding photographers than what Jeff and I paid Darren, but none of them are as pleased with their Wedding pictures as Jeff and I are with our Wedding pictures. There are three important days in our life...the day we are born, the day we get married and the day we die, but the only day we remember is our Wedding Day. I highly recommend Darren to capture memories from your Wedding Day (or other special occasion) in pictures so you can experience the same enjoyment from your pictures as Jeff and I have experienced from ours. I will always remember Darren and the important and special role he played on Jeff's and my Wedding Day.-Kristin and Jeff

Mallory and Blake

Darren was simply amazing!! He traveled over 200 miles to shoot my wedding and he did a phenomenal job! I got married at the beach and he even rolled up his pants and got in the water to take pictures. I am beyond happy with my photos! They are absolutely stunning! I am so glad that my special day was captured so beautifully. THANK YOU!! - Mallory & Blake

Christina & Graeme

Darren produces beautiful pictures. I could not have been more excited to see the photos that he developed. He was exteremly professional and patient and dindt hesitate to go above and beyond to make the photos beautiful. He was the most calm part of my wedding and I strongly recomend him to everyone. -Christina & Graeme

Amber & Justin

I absolutely love Darren! His photos are beautiful and he had the proofs emailed to me by the time I returned from my honeymoon! I couldn't believe how quickly I was seeing pictures of my wedding. He managed to get pictures of every event and moment of the wedding, but I hardly remember seeing him. He was discreet and never pushy or bossy like some photographers could be. I HIGHLY recommend Fotoglyphics. - Amber & Justin